Bridge Protocol May 2018 AMA

Bridge Protocol has had some great accomplishments recently in moving forward on the goal of building value in the project:

  • Listed on the fast growing Bitpaction exchange which achieves a Bitcoin and Ethereum pairing for the IAM token.
  • Listed on the BiteBTC exchange which consists of a fiat gateway allowing a USD pairing to the IAM token. Very significant in increasing liquidity!
  • Established strategic partnership with South Korean-based accelerator and market development team TrueBlocks to increase global brand marketing.
  • Hired 2 award winning City of Zion developers, Thomas Lobker and Alex Guba, with Alex as the Chief Systems Architect.
  • Presented the Bridge Protocol app concepts to the community.

These accomplishments demonstrate a strong strategic and enduring direction for this project. The work towards achieving road map objectives has been consistently and diligently pursued. The use cases for this project continues to grow daily and visibility continues to increase. A sustainable foundation is being established that will will remain and become integral to the crypto space.

Bridge Protocol Community AMA

Ask Me Anything (AMA) events create an opportunity for the communities to gather insight on project details that are important to them. The Bridge Protocol team has gathered inquires from their community and provided the following feedback:

1.0 Bridge Protocol

  1. Q: Is there a legal/contractual relationship between ProjectICO and Bridge Protocol and, if so, how are the tokens distributed between members of the two businesses?

A: There is no arrangement between ProjectICO and Bridge Protocol, formal or otherwise. Stephen is the CEO of both organizations and uses his prior experiences and relationships to benefit the community. No tokens have been distributed to ProjectICO. You can see there is a clear overlap of team members between ProjectICO and Bridge Protocol, they have collaborated in their areas of expertise to formulate this much needed project.

2. Q: Would you please specify the role of Fritz Lehman now and in the future?

A: Fritz is currently titled as the Chief Customer Officer of Bridge Protocol. He recently moved on from a position with SAS and is in regular consultation with the leadership team. Mr. Lehman will move in to a more active role as an MVP is developed and larger strategy is executed.

3. Q: Are Thomas Lobker and Alex Guba working 100% for Bridge?

A: Alex Lobker and Alex Guba are full-time Bridge Protocol team members! We are very happy to have them both on board.

4. Q: Since the IAM token is a security against regulation, what is the bridge team doing to be green lighted by the SEC?

A: The IAM token is a utility inherent to its design. Bridge Protocol has made it a top priority to abide by all relevant rules and regulation since its inception. As such, we are constantly monitoring regulatory developments and strive to act in full accordance with those changes.

5. Q: Is there a reason why the CEO prefers to use medium versus direct community engagement?

A: The marketing department tends to handle most direct community engagement. Stephen tends to be occupied with other pressing matters but is always available for comment!

2.0 Business Strategy

  1. Q: Will you lock the team and advisor tokens for longer than 6 month considering time taken to list? What projected impact do you see you decision having on token value?

A: The token lock is a feature of the NEO smart contract and as such cannot be modified. Team tokens will be distributed to the Bridge wallet at the end of this period, August 2018. By the very nature of blockchain technology the community can watch the company token wallet.

2. Q: How much is left from the 10M raised from the token sale?

A: Bridge is being run with long term success in mind. Bridge is well funded thanks to the community and we are confident that we can create this success. We are running lean during development with the utmost regard to financial principals.

3. Q: During the Bibox voting event we were told by admins “Our voters are right in line with our competition, which is a determining factor of the selected winner as well. We have a strategy and are well aware of the community vote taking place.” Can you please explain what the strategy was?

A: We may not have won the total vote, but our total number of voters relayed that we effectively brought in community support. Unfortunately, the winning positions were unreachable with the resources and help we had on standby. We were thrilled with the support that we did see and are confident that this is a further indicator of overall community interest.

4. Q: Why didn’t you burn also at the same % of the remaining 500mil tokens to maintain a healthy team/community token proportion?

A: This ‘token burn’ feature is an operation of the smart contract, as such, it cannot be modified after the initial launch.

5. Q: What is the relationship of Project ICO with Elastos? Is still relevant?

A: ProjectICO and Elastos maintain a positive relationship; it is however, minimally relevant to Bridge Protocol.

3.0 Marketing Strategy

  1. Q: Are there any talks with any of the big data companies for a potential partnership?

A: : Bridge will have an emphasis on corporate partnerships as we make our way through the roadmap. We are excited to begin applying our solutions to real world issues.

2. Q: When is Bridge going to present at a Neo conference event?

A: Most of the team is currently fully immersed in development and execution of our long-term strategy. We are making it a priority to make progress as quickly as possible so that we can begin our larger marketing strategy and community contributions! The team has attended a few events this year and will be at plenty more in the future. Watch our social channels for the latest on event announcements!

3. Q: What is your marketing strategy going forward?

A: As being one of the first to implement an education bounty program, Bridge has very unique go-to market strategies for product launch. We are realistic, customers will NOT just come to us and we will have to actively and creatively find them in the early days. Our team will be targeting niche markets to prove our use-case and grow organically.

4.0 Technical Implementation

  1. Q: When are you expecting the MVP?

A: We cannot provide a definite date for the release of our MVP; however, we are confident that we can be successful in the execution of our roadmap goals!

2. Q: Do you plan on having a yellow paper or we considering this request satisfied since we are based on the NEO platform?

A: The engineering team is working diligently to effectively develop and roll out an MVP. As these developments occur and are approved for release; documents and code will be released to the community for review.

3. Q: Are there plans to reissue the IAM tokens as fully NEP5 & Switcheo compatible tokens?

A: We have heard the community and are working on a solution for this, at this time there is no plan to release a new token. We will distribute developments as they come to light, so please make sure to follow all our social channels for latest information.



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