Bridge Protocol May 2018 AMA

  • Listed on the fast growing Bitpaction exchange which achieves a Bitcoin and Ethereum pairing for the IAM token.
  • Listed on the BiteBTC exchange which consists of a fiat gateway allowing a USD pairing to the IAM token. Very significant in increasing liquidity!
  • Established strategic partnership with South Korean-based accelerator and market development team TrueBlocks to increase global brand marketing.
  • Hired 2 award winning City of Zion developers, Thomas Lobker and Alex Guba, with Alex as the Chief Systems Architect.
  • Presented the Bridge Protocol app concepts to the community.

Bridge Protocol Community AMA

1.0 Bridge Protocol

  1. Q: Is there a legal/contractual relationship between ProjectICO and Bridge Protocol and, if so, how are the tokens distributed between members of the two businesses?

2.0 Business Strategy

  1. Q: Will you lock the team and advisor tokens for longer than 6 month considering time taken to list? What projected impact do you see you decision having on token value?

3.0 Marketing Strategy

  1. Q: Are there any talks with any of the big data companies for a potential partnership?

4.0 Technical Implementation

  1. Q: When are you expecting the MVP?



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