Viola.AI for Married Couples: Making Marriage Fresh, Relevant & Resilient

A marriage has NO ceiling for improvement, it is like a poem with no end. Everyday is an opportunity to write a new rhythm to compliment the previous line and when things are no longer poetic, it’s may be time for an intervention.

Viola.AI provides a solution to keep your relationship fresh, relevant and resilient. With 14 years of proven experience the Viola.AI team brings you it’s artificial intelligence platform capable of crafting relevant feedback and recommendations while leveraging it’s experts and community to bring you diverse sources for advise.

Everything is Scientific

There nothing in the universe that is unexplainable or without reason, even if we haven’t discovered the reason for everything yet! Similarly, relationships have a science consisting of the mixture of two distinct sets of cultures, behaviors, beliefs, and habits. Viola.AI can unearth these hidden truths by evaluating psycho-graphic data based on your social media and online browsing habits.

What is Psycho-graphic data?

What!? That’s Intrusive!

Well hold on to to your seats!

This data is collected everyday even when your not online. Companies use this information to push targeted ads to you in order to increase the probability of making a sale. When you visit Google and see that advertisement for Michael Kors purse floating on the side, that’s not an coincidence! Viola.AI protects the information it gathers and places it in your control. In addition, the information is used for your benefit to build more meaningful relationships.

Making it Work for You!

Viola.AI uses these metrics to make sure the advice given to bring two people together is based on a verifiable and calculated approach. Every relationship is a roller coaster by design and guarantees moments of turbulence and exhilaration. Break downs in communication and insensitivity spawns overtime because we tend take our partners for granted as we transition from a stage of appreciation to expectations.

Viola.AI will be your lifetime assistant to give you that nudge to do the right things at the right times and ensure you never forget any special occasion. With Their Global Relationship Registry (REL-Registry) you can evolve your marriage into the digital age by digitizing it onto the BlockChain.

This action will not only create a verifiable and official record of your marriage, but it will reaffirm your vows and demonstrated your commitment. This action will ensure your marital record is accessible anywhere at anytime.

Commitment in life can be demonstrated with two points:

  • Doing something you said you would do long after the emotions in which you said it has left
  • Doing things you don’t have to do in order to demonstrate something you are not obligated to demonstrate

The idea that ties both of these points is choice!

What will you choose?



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